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What do you get for $29.95? An AdultBouncer Membership ID

An AdultBouncer Membership ID gives you access to the entire AdultBouncer Network of sites. These sites specialise in Movies and some have explicit photographs. Other sites specialise in Hentia Movies.

Some Adult sites charge around $39.95 per month for membership. This often only allows you to access one site. That's not the case with AdultBouncer. Your Membership ID gives you access to over 150,000 Movie scenes and full length DVD quality Movies. 6,900 Gigabytes of Adult Movies for every niche.

All types of categories are covered, Anal Sex, Straight Sex, Teen Sex, Gangbang Sex, Oral Sex, Fetish Sex, Asian Sex, Lesbian Sex, Pee, Amateur, Big Tits, Cumshots ..... the list goes on and on.

How much can you download?

There are no limitations. If you can download 100 Movies, that's your good fortune.

Realistically though, you could expect to download around Seven entire Movies a week. If you have a Broadband connection and a bit of time to spare, you can probably download much, much more. Don't forget, you have to use some of your spare time to actually WATCH the Movies!

What are the average download speeds?

Download speeds vary, depending on which Server the site is hosted on. Users experience download speeds between 60KBs and 200KBs (Broadband) and 3KBs to 5KBs for 56k connections.

All Servers resume downloads and you can use any of your download managers, such as Gozilla, Getright, Download Accelerator and so on.

Is an AdultBouncer Membership really good value?

Do the sums yourself.

If you only download one Movie a day, on average you'll get 30 Movies per month. The cost is $29.95.

If you hire one Movie a day at $3.00 per movie, then on average that's $90.00 per month. (You don't get to keep them)

If you purchased 30 Movies it could cost you anything between $300.00 to $1,000.00

How often do you Update Your Movies?

AdultBouncer obtains around 100 new DVD Titles each month. Preparing these so they can be downloaded from the Internet takes time, but normally there is not less than 20 Movies added to the Network each month.

I add 3 new Movies to my site each month and other Webmaters in the Network add at least 3 also. If you get through the first few thousand Movies, you'll still get at least 20 new Titles each month to keep you happy and Horny!

Why is AdultBouncer so cheap?

It's a bit like renting, AdultBouncer can re-sell the same Movies over and over again. (They pay a lot more for special Licenses which allow them to do this, plus they must pay the cost for you to download, Bandwidth). However, because there are Hundreds of Webmasters in the AdultBouncer Network their Volume is substantial and as we all know, Volume is the key to offering cheaper prices.

Sure they could charge more, and maybe one day the prices will go up, but today it's just $29.95 per month and that really does represent very good value.

How do you join?

The following link will take you to the AdultBouncer Sign-up page. There you'll be able to select a variety of payment methods. This is a Secure Network Connection, so there is no problem in using your Credit Card, should you wish to do so.

We use for processing and your Credit Card will be billed as, which is what appears on your Statement.

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